Copyright Policy

It is the policy of the ACG that each presenter and contributor sign and agree to the following copyright statement prior to their participation in the event:

I acknowledge that my presentation may be videotaped, audiotaped and photographed, and that it may be reproduced in a number of different media, including audiocassette, videocassette, CD-ROM, Internet and print media. I agree to any such reproduction and release ACG with respect thereto in consideration of my participation on the faculty. Previously published materials including, but not limited to, articles, book chapters, talks, etc. are not acceptable for inclusion in ACG meeting materials. By signing this form, presenters agree to obtain any necessary copyright permission(s), provide them to ACG, and to indemnify ACG for any inadvertent unauthorized use if any portion of the presenter's CME activity materials are not the original work of the presenter and/or if the presenter does not hold the copyright for the materials in question.