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The challenges of patient care and optimal patient outcomes seem to grow exponentially from year to year through a combination of increased demand and burgeoning information/treatment options relating to disease guidelines, disease management recommendations, and introduction of new pharmacotherapeutic agents and devices. The clinical gastroenterologist needs to build on his/her educational foundation that leads to board certification and re-certification, while distilling the essence of new information and integrating it into their practice. The requirement for recertification has posed a challenge for board-certified gastroenterologists who are trying to balance the demands of their practice with their educational needs.

ACG’s Internet-Based Physician Education Program, or “Education Universe,” is an on-line self-directed CME education program that focuses on the information that practicing/clinical gastroenterologists need to remain abreast of the latest clinical knowledge and skills, and to prepare themselves for the re-certification modules and examination administered by the American Board of Internal Medicine. This program is designed for those involved in the diagnosis and treatment of GI conditions who are interested in an aggressive but scientifically sound approach to management of the conditions. The content on the Education Universe consists of presentations from ACG national and regional meetings, and journal articles from the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

For detailed instructions on how to browse the educational material and how to obtain CME credits, visit the Instructions page.

Training Pathway

The ACG Education Universe Training Pathway is an educational resource ACG created for Program Directors and GI fellows. It is designed to support GI Training programs with supplemental learning opportunities and to give fellows a well-rounded learning experience before transitioning into practice.

The content of the ACG Education Universe Training Pathway is organized into the 17 GI Core Curriculum topics/requirements, and is further categorized by specific disease states. Program Directors have the ability to peruse the content and assign “homework” to their trainees. Assignments can consist of any combination of content and can be assigned to an individual trainee or to a group of trainees. The Training Pathways also include up to 900 topic-related test questions with explanations of correct answers and applicable references. Program Directors are able to track their trainees’ progress on homework assignments and review their answers to the test questions.

Program Directors may enroll their training program in the Training Pathway, by completing the program information form.