Using the Education Universe

The ACG Education Universe provides access to ACG’s high-quality educational materials in a convenient and customizable online package. By setting parameters regarding what you want to learn and the type of material you want to review, the Education Universe develops a specialized program just for you. Educational content comes from a wide variety of materials, including:

The Education Universe is designed to allow you to start an activity, stop at any time, and resume the activity where you left off. Your progress will be saved each time you login to the Education Universe. The Universe keeps track of how much CME you have earned, and you can print certificates or a statement of your CME credits when needed.

Browsing Content on the ACG Education Universe

To fully access content on the Education Universe, you must first log in using your single sign-on account. Once you have successfully logged on, search for content and add it to your portfolio. You can add as much content to your portfolio as you like, and you will be able to access it as long as it is available on the Education Universe.

Step 1) Log in using your single sign-on account. If you do not have an account, click here to create one.

Step 2) To search for content, click on the Content header in the blue bar then select Browse All Content.

Step 3) You may search for specific criteria by selecting Featured Categories or using the Keyword Search. Click on the Advanced Filters button on the left side of the page for more search options. Once you have set your search parameters, press the Filter/Search button.

With Advanced Filters you can:

Step 4) Once you locate the content you would like to review, click the Add to Portfolio button. Click the view it link to start reviewing the content right away.  You can access the content later by going to the My Portfolio link in the blue bar.

NOTE: Once you add content to your portfolio you will not be able to delete it. Credit may only be claimed once for an original presentation; credit may not be claimed for subsequent presentations of the same material. For example, if you attended the 2015 Annual Meeting and claimed CME for attending, you cannot claim additional credits for watching videos from the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Obtaining CME Credits

To obtain AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, learners complete an activity and answer the self-assessment questions. Links to appropriate bibliographic sources (e.g., PubMed) allow the learner to further study the material. To be eligible for credit, all questions must be answered correctly and the learner must complete an evaluation of each activity. The following are listed prior to the start (obligate pathway) of each CME activity:

Step 1) Review the information (e.g., learning objectives and disclosures) of the material for which you want to receive credit.

Step 2) Click on Get Credits to register, purchase, and track CME credits earned.

Step 3) Claim CME for an activity by completing activities in your Portfolio and answering the self-assessment questions correctly. Complete the activity’s evaluation, then go to CME Credit Status Report for a summary of your progress.

Step 4) Obtain a CME certificate for your completed activities by going to the CME Certificate Generator. Select the activity for which you would like to generate a certificate. You can also view previous certificates. Each activity only appears in one certificate and each certificate will include the list of the activities included in that certificate.

NOTE: You will only use your purchased CME credits if you generate a certificate for the activities you complete.